Why I’m Running


More Jobs

We need a business environment that promotes work, savings and investment. For too long, economic growth has been limited in our state by unreasonable regulation and government red tape, abusive lawsuits and high taxes. Joe will be a voice for the job creators and working men and women of Senate District 44.

Tax Relief

Joe knows that every dollar the government receives comes out of the pockets of hard working taxpayers. Families have to live within their means. Government should too.

We need balanced budgets and prioritized spending. This will ensure that government priorities, like quality roads and schools, receive proper funding, without squeezing taxpayers to fund wasteful bureaucracy, handouts and needless programs.

Safer Streets

The citizens of Senate District 44 deserve safe and secure neighborhoods. No one will support our public safety officials more than Joe.

Law enforcement faces an uphill battle today. They often face frivolous lawsuits and threats of litigation by wrongdoers and those who support them. It’s time public officials stop putting the rights of criminals above those of law-abiding citizens. That goes for illegal immigrants too. Taxpayer benefits like government welfare programs for illegals must stop, and our laws must be enforced.