Republican Leaders Line Up to Support Joe Griffin in Senate District 44 Race;
Echols, Maughan, Hooten, Warren, Sullivan, Osborn, West, Cleveland, Turner, Wood and Wesselhoft Offer Endorsements

OKLAHOMA CITY – Eleven Republican state and county elected officials today announced their endorsement of fellow Republican Joe Griffin in the upcoming Senate District 44 Special Election.  The endorsers are:

House Majority Leader Jon Echols
Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan
Oklahoma County Clerk David Hooten
Oklahoma County Court Clerk Rick Warren
Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan
House Budget Chairman Leslie Osborn
Representative Kevin West
Representative Bobby Cleveland
Former Representative Paul Wesselhoft
Former Representative Mike Turner
Former Representative Justin Wood

“I have known and worked with Joe for many years,” Rep. Echols said.  “I live in Senate District 44 and look forward to calling Joe ‘my Senator.’”

“Joe is hard-working and understands the importance of a strong neighborhood,” Commissioner Maughan said.  “He will work on legislation that will continue to protect neighborhoods and be smart on crime.

“Joe is a common sense conservative,” Osborn said.  “He’s the kind of leader we need at the Capitol.”

“Joe’s experience at the Capitol will be vital,” Representative Cleveland said.  “Because this is a Special Election, the next Senator will enter mid-term.  There will be no time to waste for on-the job training.  With Joe, the people of Senate District 44 will have a strong and effective voice on Day One.

“I am humbled to receive these endorsements,” Griffin said.  “Representatives Echols, Osborne, and West represent districts that overlap Senate District 44.  The County elected officials represent large portions of Senate District 44.  Other endorsers serve or have served areas nearby.  All of these endorsers have been great allies in the fight for conservative values, not just for me but for all Oklahomans.

“Our support grows daily,” Griffin said.  “With the help of these and other endorsers like them, I am confident we will succeed.”

More about Joe

Watchdog for Taxpayers

Griffin is a former FOX 25 TV reporter who knows how to shine a light on government waste and corruption.

Southsider and Man of Faith

He is a proud OKC southsider who attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Republican Leader with Blue Collar Roots

Griffin previously served as Press Secretary for two Republican Speakers of the House.  He grew up in a working class family and paid his way thru college working on motorcycles and driving a box truck.

A Commonsense Conservative Agenda

Griffin said his goal was to bring commonsense conservative leadership to the Capitol.

More Jobs

“We need a business environment that promotes work, savings and investment.  For too long, economic growth has been limited in our state by unreasonable regulation and government red tape, abusive lawsuits and high taxes.  I will be a voice for the job creators and working men and women of Senate District 44,” Griffin said.

Tax Relief

Griffin knows that every dollar the government receives comes out of the pockets of hard working taxpayers.  Families have to live within their means; government should too.

“We need balanced budgets and prioritized spending,” Griffin said.  “This will ensure that government priorities, like quality roads and schools, receive proper funding, without squeezing taxpayers to fund wasteful bureaucracy, handouts and needless programs.”

Safer Streets

Griffin believes the citizens of Senate District 44 deserve safe and secure neighborhoods.

“Law enforcement faces an uphill battle today,” Griffin said.  “They are often subjected to frivolous lawsuits and threats of litigation by wrongdoers and those who support them.  It’s time public officials stop putting the rights of criminals above those of law-abiding citizens.  That goes for illegal immigrants too.  Taxpayer benefits like government welfare programs for illegals must stop, and our laws must be enforced.”